Fosbit lights your building better, cheaper, and cleaner. We guarantee this in a no cure, no pay lighting contract. It keeps us on our toes, and it keeps you satisfied. Our clients include OLVG hospital, Oosterdok parking, Bakker Logistics, the Uithof sport center, Parkeer Beheer Roosendaal, and the Central Government Real Estate Agency.

Smart lighting
With Fosbit, you make sure to have high-tech lighting and low long-term costs and CO2 emissions. We warrant the quality and cost savings in a 'no cure, no pay' lighting contract.
Benefit 1 Better light
Fosbit fits buildings with high-quality light technology by working exclusively with integrated LED fixtures. We set high standards for illuminance, light color and color rendering index. Our lighting is fully dimmable and even conforms to electrical standards used in hospitals.

Fosbit has specialized in lighting with long lifetimes. We test the components, the attachment of the PCBs, and the forward current.

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Benefit 2 Cheaper light
Our customers don't invest, but start saving immediately. They pay a fixed yearly fee, 15 to 40 percent below the current cost of lighting. This includes new lamps, the required electricity, replacement and maintenance.

We realize the cost savings by designing an efficient lighting system, sourcing directly and at large quantity, and sharing the proceeds of recycling and re-use with you.

As you are buying light instead of lamps, we shoulder the investment in technology. To do this we co-operate with our financial partner ICT-Fund, backed by the Dutch insurance industry.

Benefit 3 Cleaner light

Fosbit uses lighting with optimal energy consumption. To add to the energy savings, we install sensors to dim the lights and create 'dynamic savings'. The result: a 50 to 80 percent reduction in CO2 emissions. Moreover, we are a specialist in long-life lighting. Thus we lower raw material use for the production of fixtures and systems.

At the end of the fixtures' lifetime, we take care of recycling and re-use. Our customers have more than just clean light: they also encourage the circular economy when they buy our light.

Benefit 4 No concerns

With Fosbit you are not paying for a product or a promise, but for light you have actually consumed. We provide this service on a no cure, no pay basis. We think that's fair, it keeps us on our toes, and it gives us a lasting reason to light up your building and cut your cost.

You are completely relieved of any concerns. We take all the steps toward better, cleaner and cheaper light. Starting with a cost analysis, we arrange installation and ensure proper operation for 5 to 10 years.

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Oosterdok Parking, Amsterdam

Fosbit replaced 5.5 kilometers (3.5 miles) of linear lighting in this parking, owned by Rabo Vastgoedgroep. The 1200 fixtures are individually digitally controlled. The light level has doubled compared to the old situation, but when no-one is present it goes down to half its level or off altogether. With € 80,000 saved on a yearly basis, this investment is recouped within four years.

Parkeer Beheer Roosendaal

In Roosendaal, South Netherlands, Fosbit fitted two parking garages with integrated LED fixtures. Biggelaar and Roselaar have 600 parking spaces combined. Along with four other candidates, Fosbit was vetted by technical consultant Grontmij. Fosbit came up as the best value for money.

Frozen storage and dispatch Zandbergen

In the cold storage center at Zandbergen, a high-savings mix of integrated LED fixtures (IP66) with movement sensors was selected. It led to reduced heat development and energy loss. Another benefit: LED lighting doesn't need heat-up time like luminescent tubes, so all areas are always well lit.

Bakker Logistics

At Bakker Logistics, one of the largest logistics providers in the Netherlands with 300,000 m2, Fosbit has taken on a 10-year responsibility for all the lighting on 70,000 square meters (750,000 sq ft) of storage and order picking halls. In a Light as a service agreement for 10 years, we warrant increased lighting levels and reduced electricity and maintenance costs.

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis, Amsterdam

In the new pharmacy at this major Amsterdam hospital, the atmosphere at the counter was paramount. Good color rendering properties were crucial to ensure good recognition of medicine packaging. We chose to use full-spectrum armatures that are also in use at the Pentagon.

Central Government Real Estate Agency

This parking complex in Rotterdam serves the Rotterdam Court of Justice and the Tax authorities. The total area is 81,000 m2 (870,000 sq ft). Along with the installation of clean and cheap lighting, the emergency lighting was overhauled.

Manhattan Hotel, Rotterdam

The 5 star hotel in central Rotterdam has agreeably lit hallways on all 14 floors. The warm-white LED lighting improves the cost and the air temperature. Mick Alexander, TD:

“We are saving more than €10,000 per year on 500 hallway lamps. Fosbit helped us to find warm white led in integrated fixtures.The carpets on all our floors somehow look much fresher.”

Hotel De Zoete Inval, Haarlem

With fully dimmable lighting, the hotel has made its hallways energy efficient. The choice was made to use spots with warm-white light in a 60° beam.

Restaurant Fifteen, Amsterdam

True pioneers: this is the first entirely LED-lighted restaurant of the Netherlands. Fosbit used lamps with a very high color rendering index to make the food look delicious.

JT Luxor Movie Theater, Hoogeveen

In this multi-functional cinema, individual control of each lamp through DALI allows the creation of any setting that is desired. The armatures are in deep black to avoid any reflection of the light from the silver screen.

DeLaMar Theater, Amsterdam

The theater cut energy consumption in its lobby by 80 percent. The original dimming system remained in use. This helped the theater acquire the Green Key hospitality certification.

Sports Center De Uithof, The Hague

Arduous maintenance, with scaffolding on the ski slope, is a thing of the past. The high-bay LED lamps ensure uniformly lit, safe tracks.

Theater Cascade, Hendrik Ido Ambacht

Emissions have been cut by 70 percent, and thousands of euros have been saved in electricity and replacement costs by the new LED lighting.

Debating Center De Balie, Amsterdam

The theater and debating center chose LED. Since it is also a bar/restaurant, the quality of light was a major concern. A survey of visitors proved that no-one noticed the change.

Cruise Hotel ss Rotterdam

Around the time Edison invented the incandescent lamp, the first steam ship Rotterdam sailed in 1872. Its descendant, 'the perfect cruise ship', was completed in 1958. At long last it has said goodbye to incandescent lamps and replaced them all with LED.

ONYX on the Bay, Miami

ONYX on the Bay, the luxury apartment complex on the Miami coast, has ended its halogen energy waste with smart LED technology. Fosbit took care of the lighting both inside and outside.

Parking garage OLVG, Amsterdam

De Amsterdam hospital's parking is lighted with LED. Broken lamps are a thing of the past, and the yearly energy use fell from 107 to 33 MWh.

Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Dordrecht

All delivery rooms have been fitted with soothing, functional LED lighting to put the expecting mothers at ease. The hospital saves more on electricity than the monthly cost of the light contract.

Aberdeen Millennium Tower, Rotterdam

The lobby had AR111 halogen lamps at 8 meters above the floor. Its short lifetime made for high yearly replacement costs. The LED alternative is maintenance-free for 5 years, cutting total cost of ownership by 50 percent.

ING Real Estate, Rotterdam

In the office of law firm Houthoff Buruma at Weena in Rotterdam, ING Real Estate recouped its investment in energy-saving lighting and occupancy sensors within 1.2 years.

Eemwijk Estate, Voorburg

This monumental 17th-century office in Voorburg was among the most prestigious renovation projects in the Netherlands. Fosbit converted a diverse set of design lamps to LED, controlled digitally through the DALI protocol.

Savills, Zeist

Property manager Savills realized net cost savings for the lessees of an office building in Zeist. The investment was charged to lessors as part of the monthly service fee, and it was more than offset by the savings on electricity.

Spaces Zuidas, Amsterdam

Spaces has lit the public areas of its property in the 'Zuidas' financial district of Amsterdam with LED lights. CB Richard Ellis, the owner, forever said goodbye to its wasteful halogen lamps.

Houthoff Buruma Law, Amsterdam

Property manager Jones Lang LaSalle chose to make a minimum investment with maximum return: all conventional fluorescent tubes near the windows have been fitted with daylight sensors. When enough sunlight comes in, the lamps are dimmed down.

Tobotex, Amsterdam

The offices of Tobotex have been 'retrofitted' with 7-watt lamps to replace their 50-watt halogens. Two years of lease proved sufficient to start saving immediately. But the real profit was made aesthetically, says owner Ton Boenk:

"It looked terrible, with all those broken halogen lamps; we were up on the ladder all the time. For the next 3-4 years I won't be bothered by our lighting at all."

GroupAuto, Eemnes

GroupAuto provides hi-tech products, and appropriately it put smart LED lighting in its office and training center.

"Fosbit is fast and accurate. Their proposed light plan matched our wishes perfectly. I'm also pleasantly surprised by the quality of light: it's comfortable and enjoyable." René Wijnia, Finance

Vonk & Vlam, Den Bosch municipality

On the site of the Vonk & Vlam monument, an underground parking garage was built for 1000 vehicles. It is to be the pride of the town. Fosbit designed the linear lighting fixtures in cooperation with Spindler installations. They throw asymmetric light and are custom-built for the electrical infrastructure of this - part underground, part underwater - garage.